"La nit de Beirut" amb Anthony Kmeid i Léa Lahoud; Assaad Awad; Omar Dilati i DJ Ziad Nawfal, dins del "MAC Festival"

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At night, in time of war, the citizenship of Beirut came together, made music and danced to celebrate a life that was more ephemeral than ever. The artists of the Lebanese capital invite us now to a great night party. Come and see them work, and between action and acting, they shake the sound of music.

Apart from the projections with images of Beirut, the show includes performances by Assaad Awad, DJ Ziad Nawfal, Lebanese actor resident in Barcelona Yucef Zraiby and dancers Alexandre Paulikevitch, Bassam Abou Diab and Omar Dilati, as well as a series of local and national artistic artists and collectives.

Director: VJ Marcel Bagó, Lighting: Andreu Fàbregas.

The public is advised that during the show strobe light is used.


Anthony Kmeid and Léa Lahoud: Projeccions de Beirut (Beirut)
Be timely to attend A Night in Beirut, because the party begins with screenings on an LED screen that will allow you to get to know the guest city of Lingua. You will see the architecture of Beirut, you will hear the sound of the traffic and you will see the impact that have had the various war conflicts that this Arab city has experienced. Everything, with a soundtrack created by Léa Lahoud. During the night, in addition to this introductory video, the screen will show images recorded by the artist Anthony Kmeid.

Assaad Awad: Urban Phoenix (Beirut)
The Ciutadella remembers, these days, the nights of war in which the inhabitants of Beirut were singing and dancing, creating small oases of relaxation and culture. One night in Beirut you can see samples of Lebanese creativity, for example, this design by Ssaad Awad, an urban clothing accessory that refers to a phoenix who dies and constantly rises from his ashes, just like a Beirut who has He has been destroyed seven times and has managed to redo and return to life.
The creator of this proposal is a Hispanic-Lebanese artist resident in Beirut who has created unique pieces for shows by artists such as Lady Gaga, Madonna or Rossy de Palma.

Omar Dilati: Solo (Lebanon)
The dancer Omar Dilati will be responsible for dressing up the urban clothing accessory "Phoenix" created by Assaad Awad, which embodies Beirut that resurges from the ashes. In his artistic work, Dilati links tradition and modernity, which are so characteristic of the Lebanese capital, in choreographies in which he combines traditional dance and new urban dances.
Learning, exchange and knowledge are the three main goals of an artist that has created in his country Unity Moves - Urban Dance Lebanon, a group that is based in Beirut and wants to be a platform that brings hip-hop to communities from across the country.

DJ Ziad Nawfal: Dance music from the arab world [DJ set] (Lebanon; Dance music from the Arab world)

If you lived in Beirut, you would surely meet this DJ, radio presenter, producer and music promoter. And it is that it celebrates some parties especially known in central areas of the Lebanese capital. There are some rhythms linked to the tradition, but with a current approach. You can expect sounds like mahraganat or electro chaabi, a kind of electronic dance music from Arab style, as well as popular dances, especially cheers such as shaabi or dabke.
Nawfal has spent nearly twenty years closely following the local and regional independent artists of Lebanon from the Ruptures and Decals radio programs. In addition, he directs Irtijal, the first experimental music festival, and the most prominent, which has taken place in Lebanon.

The Suricata Circus: Atómica (Barcelona)
Nobody would say that the origin of life may be the subject of a circus show, but in La Suricata Circus, as you will see, they are quite easy to combine such apparently different kinds of languages as circus, mythology, technology, philosophy and poetry. With these tools they have built a show that has as protagonists ... atoms and movement! Juggling, technology of LED lights, dance, physical theater and much more to talk about big-bang and birth of the solar system.

Opakar: Luminolife (Barcelona)
And if the message from the Voyager 1 spacecraft, which in 1977 sent the images and sounds of the Earth to the space, did you finally have an answer? This company has imagined that it tries to know some beings come in tone of peace from a galaxy far away and that have a way to see and feel the light very different from our ...

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From Friday 20 to Monday 23 September
Friday, Saturday and Mondayfrom 23:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m.

Free entrance