"Les alegres casades de Windsor", with Parking Shakespeare, as part of the MAC Festival

Parking Shakespeare: Les alegres casades de Windsor (Barcelona)

A company from Barcelona that emulates the tradition of outdoor Shakespeare performances common in English-speaking countries presents Marc Rosich’s faithfully free version of the Bard’s well-known comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor. Here, the Elizabethan name ‘Windsor’ in the title is turned into a summer holiday resort. The characters, devoid of their obligations, are particularly prone to partying, causing mischief, running around and teasing each other. The original Garter Inn becomes a busy summer outdoor dining area on the shores of the Thames, and the homes of the Pages and the Fords turn into holiday apartments full of possibilities. A piece that works like clockwork and shows us how two wives, Mrs Ford and Mrs Page, mock Falstaff’s old-man aspirations again and again. With performances by Jordi Andújar, Mireia Cirera, Ester Cort, Adrià Díaz, José Pedro García Balada, Pep Garcia-Pascual, Carles Gilabert, Ariadna Matas, Santi Monreal, Mireia Piferrer and Ricard Sadurní.

From Saturday 26 to Sunday 27 September
Day Time Price Comments
Saturday and Sunday 11.30 am - 1.30 pm and
5 pm - 7 pm

Free Admission

Prior booking required