"Mayte Martín presents: alCANTARaMANUEL" concert, as part of "Música Mercè"

Mayte Martín (Barcelona / flamenco).

One of the cantaores (flamenco singers) who best represent the elegance and refined style of Catalonia-born flamenco accepted the challenge in 2008 of setting music to the verses of the Malaga-based poet Manuel Alcántara. He recorded the results between 2008 and 2009, then created a show occasionally misunderstood ("this is not flamenco", someone said) and which maybe was not a big hit in terms of sales, but which constitutes a cult creation, as full of light as it is of melancholy. A beautiful little gem, too little known, that is making a well-deserved return to the stage.

Sunday 23 September
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Sunday at 12.15 am

Free Admission