"Mercury Rev: celebrates Deserter's Songs 20th Anniversary" concert, part of "BAM - Barcelona Acció Musical"

Mercury Rev (USA; psychedelic rock): celebrates Deserter's Songs 20th Anniversary

Back in 1998, after a turbulent start, with changes to the band and success that had never came, threatening their survival, the North Americans Mercury Rev released their magnum opus, Deserter's songs. A beautiful album halfway between orchestral pop and a grandiose dream pop, built on melodies as simple as nursery songs, which turned the tide of their fortune and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary (2018). As this is an iconic album, in an era of retromania and nostalgia, we’ve had more recent opportunities to hear them live in all their splendour. So, to celebrate the album’s anniversary, the group are proposing to revive it now in a more intimate and acoustic format, with the whispering and scratching they were born with.

Sunday 23 September
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Sunday 9.45 pm

Free admission