"Meute: Techno Marching Band” concert, part of "BAM - Barcelona Acció Musical"

Meute (Germany; acoustic techno): Techno Marching Band

Imagine a New Orleans second line playing Detroit techno (or a Valencian band playing Chimo Bayo). Maybe that way you’ll have an idea of how Meute sound, who describe themselves as a techno marching band. A dozen wind players and percussionists from Hamburg who, in their own words, perform the role of a DJ with acoustic instruments, they've already won over electronica heroes such as the French celebrity Laurent Garnier, one of the most respected DJs on the planet. Another techno, as hypnotic and dance-inducing as the one that comes from behind the DJ's table, is possible. And it's a collective force that runs without electricity. If there is a power cut at the disco, you’ll know who to call.

Friday 21 September
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Friday 12.45 am

Free admission