‘Now women’ with ‘Hanna Moisala / Yur Dance / Aina Lanas / Ella Poema’, as part of the ‘MAC Festival’

Passeig Til·lers - Stage

Hanna Moisala / Yur Dance / Aina Lanas / Ella Poema (from different places): Now women

The future is female You will know about this even if you do not read the newspaper or watch the news on TV much: The female world is increasingly confidently vindicating and successfully reclaiming the leading role that is theirs in all fields, including creativity. That is why this year, Ciutadella is hosting a nocturnal show that reminds us that the time for women has come. Actress Cristina Cazorla is the presenter responsible for introducing some women who will tell us some very powerful personal stories, each of them in their own language.

Hanna Moisala
This artist shows us her work based on the Japanese art of Shibari in a circus-like performance. You will be left speechless by the extraordinary talent of this Finnish artist.

Yur Dance
This company from Barcelona shows us how with wheelchairs you can also perform an emotional, technically impeccable choreography. Integrated dance that makes us reflect on the stereotypical attitudes we often project onto others.

Aina Lanas
Let this artist tell you in Ayeh Nah a personal story in the form of a dance solo accompanied only by a mannequin that represents the way the protagonist sees herself.

Ella Poema
A project created by Aïda Colmenero Días, a dancer and choreographer who creates a poetic map made up of verses by authors from all over the planet, and in particular from the African continent.

‘Now women’ with ‘Hanna Moisala / Yur Dance / Aina Lanas / Ella Poema’, as part of the ‘MAC Festival’

From Friday 21 to Sunday 23 September
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Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11.30 pm

Free Admission