Passeig de Picasso, 21
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Fri 24 · 13:15
Sat 25 · 18:00
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Cascada Stage

Esbart Maragall: NUeS (Barcelona; traditional dance; for all ages).

This dance group from Sant Andreu, which dates back to the first half of the 20th century, not only performs traditional dances, but also uses them as a language to ask themselves and their audiences questions. Their latest production is NUeS, which asks questions about their roots and their role in constructing the future. The show explores the experiences of past generations and shows us how our society has progressed through conflict, which is a central factor of history. Are we protagonists or spectators? Will it ever come to an end, or is conflict a permanent, necessary reality in human relationships? The production is directed by Enric Martínez, with choreographies by Concepció Bachs, Enric Martínez and Pere Seda. The performers will be dancing to music by Delfí Abella and Gemma Humet, Xavier Boliart, Fèlix Martínez, Santi Molas, Manuel Oltra, Refree, Joaquim Serra and Marc Timón. With Jordi Ginestet as assistant director and Andrea del Moral as dance coach.

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    Passeig de Picasso, 21

    Ciutat Vella

    Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

    08003 Barcelona

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    September 24th morning

    September 24th evening

    September 24th night