Open day at the Santa Mònica

  • Carrer la Rambla, 7
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    • 9h 30m
    • fri 22 · 11:00
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The Santa Mònica Arts Centre will be opening its doors and inviting you to visit free of charge throughout the La Mercè festivities. This is the last chance to see "Ple de forats", an exhibition that begins with a question: how do we relate to the contemporary image? To the image of so very many images that are constantly circulating, leaving us feeling both wired and exhausted at the same time? What will happen when technical images finally eat up the world? Why keep on organising exhibitions? Wouldn’t it be better to evoke a generalised blackout? Focusing on the ways of seeing and the potential of the imagination, this exhibition is more than anything a bodily experience, where the works of the artists combine with the architecture of the building and the elements on display in a continuum that invites visitors to spend some time wandering around, distancing them from anguish and the sense of entrapment, reconciling them with the alchemy of vision. 

Also the last few days to enjoy the temporary installation “ALPHA, Climate Shelter for Humans and Birds”, a work by TAKK, who has turned the terrace at the Santa Mònica into a climate refuge for people, birds, and other species during the summer.

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    • Carrer la Rambla, 7
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