The opening speech

Leticia Dolera, proclaimer of the feast

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An actress from Barcelona is this year’s Proclaimer for the Festa Major, to which she not only brings her experience as a screenwriter and director, but also her steadfast defence of women’s rights. This year, her feminist commitment has taken shape in a book entitled Morder la Manzana [Bite the Apple].

I opened my eyes for the first time at the Pilar Clinic in Barcelona one 23rd of October at midnight.

In the Clot neighbourhood, where I grew up, I kicked my first football. I loved playing football. 

Later, I lived very near the Sagrada Família, a monument that fascinated me, like all of Gaudí’s work. 

Every Christmas, I used to get excited by the arrival of the Santa Llúcia Christmas market, and every summer I’d spend hours playing in the waves of the Maresme and running away from my mum when she tried to put sun cream on me (until I burned).

My first kiss in a doorway was in the Sants neighbourhood, where I spent my teenage years.

Already at that time, I loved going to the cinema; my visits to the Comèdia, the Verdi, the Renoir or the Palau Balanyà were almost a weekly obligation, on my own or with friends. To be honest, I’ve always really liked going on my own to the cinema.

The first time I went, I was really young, with my mum, to see Fantasia. We don’t remember what cinema it was, but we think it’s closed now, sadly like so many cinemas in the city we used to go to often – I’m talking of the Cine Vergara, the Astoria and the Cinema Catalunya.

The first time I felt the magic of the theatre as a spectator was seeing Sergi López and Toni Albà in Brams o la kumèdia dels errors. I left the theatre thinking: “I want to do that.” 

My first acting classes were at Nancy Tuñón’s school, when it was right by the Lesseps metro. Years later, I carried on studying at Eòlia, which is by Tetuan.

My first concert was Els Pets, near Premià de Mar I think, and I'd swear that the second was Jarabe de Palo, a huge hug to Pau Donés.

My first film as director and screenwriter – and one of the most special moments in my career – I recorded here, in Barcelona, and now it turns out that I’ll also be filming my first series, which is called Déjate Llevar [Carried Away], here in September. It’s magical being able to film in your home city.

I’ve lived and worked in Madrid for many years, where I’ve filmed series and films, but I’ve also gone through times when there was no work, and I learned a lot from that. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in Italy, France, England and the United States. Yes, I’ve been carried away... but I’ve never been carried away from this city that saw me born and grow on every level and that I hope and wish will be with me always.

Thank you, Mayor, and thank you everyone in Barcelona City Council for this honour and this responsibility and for giving me another unique moment, another first in my relationship with my city.

And yes, the three cultural references I shared are all men, because none of us has escaped from growing up in a patriarchy. ;-)