Parc de Joan Miró

C Aragó, 2
Parc de Joan Miró

Access c/Diputació 9

In 1983, the city’s old abattoir was turned into a green area designed by the architects Antoni Solanas, Màrius Quintana, Beth Galí and Andreu Arriola. The space is presided over by the large sculpture by artist Joan Miró and ceramist Joan Gardy Artigas Woman and Bird. The site has been transformed for the festa major by Josean Vilar and Silvana Catazine from Naifactory, a studio specialising in ephemeral installations. Art and landscape, all in one.

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List of points shown on the map

    C Aragó, 2

    08015 Barcelona

    L1, L3 (Espanya)
    120, H14, H16, V19
    Tarragona, 103-115; Diputació-Tarragona

    Schedule by range in this space

    September 24th morning

    September 24th evening