Participative installation "Circ de Jocs: La gran canicada d'en Jan + Els aqüaductes de la Marta" dins del "MAC Festival"

Pg Santa Coloma, 60
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sat 24 · 11:30
sun 25 · 11:30
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 Circ de Jocs: La gran canicada d'en Jan + Els aqüaductes de la Marta (Catalonia/ Argentina; Author's play installations; All ages)

La Canicada d’en Jan is a great opportunity for a period of free play, an installation and a participatory, dynamic and family-oriented performance. Each construction takes on a life of its own depending on the environment and the people playing there. Table mazes, pipes, tubes, shafts, ... here you will find everything you need to create structures, bridges, descents, tunnels, entrances, exits and traps. Unique circuits that will test your inventiveness! 

Els Aqüeductes de la Marta, it is an activity of practical ecology and teamwork that, as well as stimulating our ingenuity, will teach us how to make good use of water. How? By weaving a network of bamboo pipes so that the liquid passes from one point to another. Basic engineering and guaranteed fun!

This large recreational installation aims to promote the creation of new games with recycled materials and to work on perseverance, patience and cooperation. Let your imagination run wild! 

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    Pg Santa Coloma, 60

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