The poster

Sònia Pulido, creator of the La Mercè 2018 poster

Barcelona illustrator and sketch artist Sònia Pulido has created this year’s poster for La Mercè. A graduate in Fine Arts, she began her career with the Tretzevents magazine before going on to work with media of the likes of Rockdelux, El País and, on the other side of the Atlantic, The New Yorker, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. She has also published such fascinating books as Caza de conejos, where she puts pictures to the words of Mario Levrero, and Duelo de caracoles.


To create the poster, the artist studied the iconography of La Mercè and incorporated what she found into her own vision of the character. She tells us that there isn’t just one Mercè, but many, all diverse, all different, all multiple and all multicultural. Sònia Pulido has placed them under the shelter of a sort of meta-Mercè, a giant figure, with no defined race or age, with her feet firmly on the ground and in touch with reality; an empowered and decisive woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. She’s opening her arms in a welcoming gesture and wearing a cloak of coloured stripes. She might remind you of a circus big top, the perfect metaphor for joy and festivity, under which are sheltered a thousand and one Mercès: black and white, young and not so young, simple and sophisticated... Yes, they’re all different, but they’re all connected and move as one. They are Mercès that are as diverse (and as united) as the women and men of Barcelona.