"¡Qué buen día!" performed by Maite Guevara, as part of the MAC Festival

Maite Guevara: ¡Qué buen día! (Basque Country)

It may be raining, it may be snowing, it might even be hailing, but if you ask Martina, she’ll always say it’s fine out! What’s her secret? Perhaps she’s a dreamer; after all, those who dream and open their eyes don’t miss a single opportunity that the world has to offer. Entry is strictly reserved for those who want to have a good time; so, if you are boring, sneaky or never want to play, you should stay at home. Featuring an artist with more than fifteen years of experience travelling across Latin America and who has collaborated with Clowns without Borders in Lebanon, Colombia and in many of the NGO’s shows in Spain.

Thursday 24 September
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Thursday 1 pm to 2.30 pm

Free Admission

Prior booking required