Rome on the screen: “Roma” by Federico Fellini dins del "MAC festival"

Plaça de la Mercè, 1
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sat 24 · 22:00
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Rome on the screen: Roma, by Federico Fellini (Italy, 1972; film)

Rome, the guest city at La Mercè 2022, is pretty much synonymous with film. It is the birthplace of timeless productions that have been etched in the memory of many a film fan, and the city itself has been the setting for numerous films that have ensured that half the world is familiar with its geography. The great directors who have helped to make the Italian capital immortal include Federico Fellini who, in Roma, portrayed the city through the memories of a young man who arrives at Termini Station. A series of interconnected scenes (an ecclesiastical fashion parade, a brothel, a traffic jam...) depict a city a la Fellini, set to a soundtrack by Nino Rota. An essential classic for lovers of film ... and Rome. In collaboration with the Casa del Cinema, Rome.

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    Plaça de la Mercè, 1

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