‘Sfera’ from ‘XAA Arquitecture & MID’, as part of ‘MAC Festival’

Cascada and Llac Zone - Little island

XAA Arquitectura & MID (Catalonia): Sfera

Have you seen that huge sphere on the little island in Ciutadella lake? It will attract everyone’s attention with its vintage design and technological signature. It is a really beautiful installation that reacts to sound stimulation and integrates light, quadraphonic sound and a composition with a sound design that is synchronised perfectly with the light. It was created by Álex Posada from the MID studio, along with Xevi Bayona, Alba Colomer and Adrià Vilarejo, who were responsible for the architectonic design and construction. The structure of Sfera is comprised of 315 vintage-design led light bulbs that are controlled in real time by a programme especially created by Álex Posada and Alejandro Piñeiro A surface of reflective mirrors hides the machinery and gives the public full view of a great ball of light that create hypnotic, surprising reflections that are visible from different angles.

‘Sfera’ from ‘XAA Arquitecture & MID’, as part of ‘MAC Festival’

From Friday 21 to Sunday 23 September
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Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9 pm- 2 am

Free Admission