Show: "Ameztu: Organik" dins del "MAC Festival"

Carrer d'Aragó, 2
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sat 24 · 11:45
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sun 25 · 11:45
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mon 26 · 11:45
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mon 26 · 18:15
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Ameztu: Organik (Basque Country; theatre, puppets)

The vegetable kingdom is the star of a gestural and object theatre show, where the objects in question are fruit and veg from the garden! Potatoes, pumpkins, bananas, melons, lettuce and more. Just about any vegetable has a key role to play in Organik, a bioadventure that as well as being hugely entertaining, is aimed at imagining new forms of relationship with the world of nature.

Leading the show is Mr. Natural, a brave farmer who is a firm friend to plants. But from time to time his dark side rebels, turning him into an unscrupulous tyrant who wants to enslave the vegetable patch. How can it free itself from this evil character? Organik will give you the answer.

Ameztu, the company behind this singular show, uses clowning, puppetry and commedia dell'arte to create entertainment for all the family that not only makes you laugh, but also makes you think.

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    Carrer d'Aragó, 2


    la Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample

    08015 Barcelona