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Aquacoustique: Aquacoustique (France; Music, aquatic concert; all ages)

Water is a vital element and a source of inspiration for Aquacoustique, a company specialising in aquatic music. Yes, exactly that: aquatic music! Because their concerts always take place in swimming pools or shallow lakes, places where they can get unexpected tones and sounds from their instruments. Instruments, we should add, that you could more easily find on a beach or in a sports shop than in a concert hall: the flute-shower, the snorkel-sax. And even a sprinkler-clarinet and floating drums. An unsinkable wind and percussion orchestra!

Composer and inventor Jean-Philippe Carde is the driving force behind the group, and he sometimes beats out the rhythm simply by slapping his hands on the surface of the water. The musicians play and dance without getting out of the water, but don't worry, you won't get wet; their music is splash-proof!

Duration: 60 minutes.

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    Pg Santa Coloma, 60

    Sant Andreu

    Sant Andreu

    08030 Barcelona