Show "Au-dessus des nuages" dins del "MAC Festival"

Pg Santa Coloma, 60
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Sat 25 · 19:30
Sun 26 · 19:30
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Brainstorm: Au-dessus des nuages (France; dance; suitable for all ages).

A French company whose members come from a variety of groups of dancers specialising in urban dancing is bringing to the stages of La Mercè a choreography by Nicolas Monlouis - Zyko's real name - a choreographer and dancer who is one of the most famous names on the French hip-hop scene. His performance will be accompanied by: the dancer Dykens; Sandra Aurora Bircea, who is also a member of the hip-hop group Sons of Wind (S.O.W.); the choreographer and dancer from Paris but with Madagascar roots Jérémie Parent, who is also a member of the dance group Oise Coast; and Maëva Pocah, the real name of the also dancer from Marseilles Pocahonstyle.

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    Pg Santa Coloma, 60

    Sant Andreu

    Sant Andreu

    08030 Barcelona

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