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Pg Santa Coloma, 60
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sat 24 · 13:30
sat 24 · 18:30
sun 25 · 13:30
sun 25 · 18:30
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Benoit Charpe:Les Zèles d'Obus (France; Circus, humour; All ages)

“A one-man circus for a unicyclist-trampolinist”. This is the eloquent subtitle of Les Zèles d’Obus, a very amusing creation starring a globetrotter who wants to read the newspaper quietly, while enjoying a glass of wine, but a stubborn and mischievous mosquito makes his life impossible. From here on, the trampoline and the unicycle will offer the poor man the chance to escape from the buzzing or to try to (unsuccessfully) hunt down the annoying insect. But it's impossible! If nothing else, he will find an unexpected distraction while jumping and pedalling. 

Les Zèles d’Obus will make you laugh and surprise you with an artist who is a master of the arts of the trampoline and balancing on a single wheel like few others, the creator of the only show with a trampoline and unicycle in Europe. A virtuoso capable of the most incredible technical feats... but incapable of something as simple as swatting a mosquito! Benoit Charpe is also a great clown who knows how to see the comic (and poetic) side of every situation.  

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    Pg Santa Coloma, 60

    Sant Andreu

    Sant Andreu

    08030 Barcelona

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