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Carrer de Nàpols, 70
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Fri 24 · 13:00
Fri 24 · 17:15
Fri 24 · 18:30
Sat 25 · 13:00
Sat 25 · 17:15
Sat 25 · 18:30
Sun 26 · 13:00
Sun 26 · 17:15
Sun 26 · 18:30
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Txema Muñoz: BLU, the lost toy (Catalonia; theatre / humour; all ages).

A young Barcelona man who studied music and went to university to do an Advertising and Public Relations degree finally decided that the theatre, in its most humorous vein, was his natural territory. He therefore created productions such as The Postman, which has become famous all over the world and has been performed in previous editions of La Mercè, or this new show, a project that needs your collaboration. The factory let Txema get in a blue toy car. And they left him to his own devices, to such an extent that he was off like a shot and now, no one knows where he is. If you see him appear on stage, please tell us...

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    Carrer de Nàpols, 70


    el Fort Pienc

    08018 Barcelona

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    September 24th morning

    September 24th evening

    September 24th night