Show: "Cia. La Tal: The Incredible Box" dins del "MAC Festival"

Carrer del Rosselló, 515
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sun 25 · 13:00
sun 25 · 18:15
mon 26 · 13:00
mon 26 · 18:15
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Cia. La Tal: The Incredible Box (Catalonia; Theatre,circus; for all ages).

Opera, magic, acrobatics... Anything is possible in The Incredible Box, a magnificent, spectacular, prodigious attraction. An authentic box of surprises! When it was inaugurated, 150 years ago, it had unprecedented success. At a time when people went to fairground stalls looking for oddities and monstrosities, The Incredible Box showcased excellence, with the best artists of the period, the most divine soprano, the most audacious acrobat, etc. And now, the director and two eccentric assistants are trying to recuperate the grandeur of that old show... Will they be successful? With a career spanning four decades, the La Tal company draws the audience into their shows with charm and a great sense of humour. Find out for yourself, by visiting this century-old stall!

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    Carrer del Rosselló, 515


    la Sagrada Família

    08025 Barcelona

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    September 25th morning

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    September 25th evening