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Carretera de Montjuïc, 66
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Sat 25 · 11:30
Sat 25 · 16:30
Sun 26 · 11:30
Sun 26 · 16:30
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Señor Stets: Cuerdo (Denmark; circus; from 6 years old).

Some tell us he’s a rope charmer, others see him as a knot tamer or an expert in making the simplest things complicated. You can draw your own conclusions about who’s right when you see this circus artist perform. He’ll have you laughing as if you were watching a clown show, yet keeping the tension high throughout the nearly 55 minutes this show lasts. Wait while this artist opens his suitcase and, with just a few props, leaves you gob smacked: a rope for juggling, another which seems more like a snake than a rope, a little fish which is almost alive and even a strange fakir number with mousetraps to boot... If you’ve ever seen this artist perform, you won’t want to miss this show by Karl Stets, with music by himself and Jan Johanson, based around maximum simplicity but packed with surprises.

If you come to see the show, don’t miss the presenter, Wilbur, who, through acrobatics, humour and risk, will be showing you that gymnastics is much more than just a sport.

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    Carretera de Montjuïc, 66


    el Poble-sec

    08038 Barcelona

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    September 25th morning

    September 25th evening