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Carrer del Rosselló, 515
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Ertza: Otempodiz (Basque Country: urban, contemporary and African dance; all ages)

In the West, time is measured, bought and sold, planned and organised, but there usually isn't enough of it. By contrast, in Africa, time is alive, you have it, you make it; it’s an asset that’s hardly ever lacking. Otempodiz (Time says) is the result of an exchange and a creative artistic project between the Basque Country and Mozambique, which confirms the power of dance for living completely in the present.

The project aims to offer two dancers from Maputo the basic tools they need and the chance to make a name for themselves on international dance circuits. This is one of the missions of Ertza, headed by Asier Zabaleta: to passionately transmit a desire for critical change, portray the conflicts and contradictions of our time on stage, and support new talents. To create dance that thrills and transforms. 

Duration: 25 minutes

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    Carrer del Rosselló, 515


    la Sagrada Família

    08025 Barcelona

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