Show "Hamlet", as part of the MAC Festival


Presenter: Alba Sarraute
A clown, a musical performer and a circus artist, among other things. Alba Sarraute has all the stage skills you can possibly imagine and a few more, so she is always ready to surprise us.

Lukasz Puczko Marionettes: "Burek-El gos marioneta" (Poland)
Are you scared of dogs? Well, this show has been designed for you, because the central character is a puppet but it looks like a real dog. In fact, it’s so real there's no child who wouldn’t want to play with it for a while. You will have a really good time watching Lukasz Puczko, a Polish artist who has been working with puppets and marionettes around the world for almost nine years. Uau!

Naifactory: "No tinc por" (Barcelona)
Josean Vilar and Silvana Catazine from Naifactory, a studio specialising in ephemeral art installations, have transformed Joan Miró Park by using natural elements with the park itself as a canvas. Their creative laboratory makes ephemeral art installations using sustainable materials and reusing materials, with play as a tool for the transformation of spaces.

Opakar: "Los Extintos" (Barcelona)
Long ago, in the Americas, there was a race of extravagant beings, the Ankur, who lived in peace and harmony with the local inhabitants. Until one day, men from another continent arrived by sea and changed everything. Would you like to know what the Ankur were like? This is the story of one called Sargon the Explorer and two of his friends: Donkor and Neb.

Xip Xap Teatre: "Hamelí" (Catalonia)
A company that apply their own way of making theatre, with puppets and real actors, in great classic stories. This is what happens in the story of Hamelí. A village full of residents living their lives with all their ups and downs like everyone else, sees its streets and houses invaded by rats. Where have they come from? Or maybe they’ve always been there? A show for kids put on by Oriol Planes, Imma Juanos, Sílvia Giménez and Víctor Polo.

From Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September
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Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 12 noon to 1.30 pm

Free Admission

Prior booking required