Show: "Kiné circus: Ethiopia” dins del "MAC Festival"

Pg Santa Coloma, 60
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sat 24 · 17:00
sun 25 · 17:00
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Parc de la Trinitat- Grada Stage and Trees Space

Kiné circus: Ethiopia (circus workshop; for all ages)

The circus arts create personal well-being, and strengthen social and community bonds. This is what Kiné Circus, a group of artists from Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) who've grown up surrounded by trapezes, tight ropes and juggling say, and they now want to share the joy of the circus with everybody.

How? By giving a workshop that makes the discipline more accessible to visitors to Parc de la Trinitat. Kiné Circus is a safe space for children, where they can learn about the techniques and props the company use in their shows. A space for discovering talent and skills. Come along and take part!

Duration: 60 minutes.

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    Pg Santa Coloma, 60

    Sant Andreu

    Sant Andreu

    08030 Barcelona