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Pg Gràcia, 80
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Fri 24 · 11:00
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from 11am to 2pm

Along a Passeig de Gràcia that will awaken to the sound of the groups of Trabucaires of Barcelona [Blunderbuss shooters], and decorated with all the elements that allude to the history of the festivity, during the Mercè day, the popular culture festival groups will take over part of the city. You will find them grouped by neighbourhoods, so that in several sections you can walk while you see giants, beasts and other elements of the festive imaginary of Barcelona on display, as well as the Castellers [human-tower groups] and Falcons [acrobatic human-pyramid group]. As you’ll see the different groups of Castellers in the city each have a space where they will have workshops and different activities. At certain times throughout the day, the festival groups will get together and jointly erect human towers, so that you can appreciate the talent and technique required to create the human towers. In the same way, on a tour of Passeig de Gràcia you will probably also see performances of the Falcons creating their figures.

Traditional musicians and popular culture festival groups will offer you performances along the promenade. There is no fixed schedule for the performances, but if you come and take a tour of the promenade while enjoying the exhibition of beasts and giants, your stroll will be dotted with music and dances that will remind you at all times that this is a space dedicated to tradition.

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    Pg Gràcia, 80


    la Dreta de l'Eixample

    08008 Barcelona