Show: "The Rockets: All about Funk!” dins del "MAC Festival"

Passeig de Picasso, 21
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sat 24 · 12:30
sat 24 · 18:00
sun 25 · 12:30
sun 25 · 18:00
mon 26 · 12:30
mon 26 · 18:00
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Cascada Stage

The Rockets: All about funk!

Rhythm, colour and great vibes. All About Funk! is a tribute to funk music by The Rocketts, world locking champions and artists who inspire the audience with their energy and good humour. A note on locking: born in 1970 on the west coast of the USA, it's an Afro-American dance which became a symbol of the civil-rights movement that shook the country during those years. 

A street dance that today is one of the most popular in hip-hop culture.

Duration: 6 minutes.

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    Passeig de Picasso, 21

    Ciutat Vella

    Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

    08003 Barcelona