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Teatro San Carlino: Pulcinella in favola (Italy; puppet theatre. Sign language interpreter. All ages)

Rome, guest city

The lively irreverent glove puppet who has always made children laugh, is the star of a cheerful and fun show that tells the story of Pulcinella. Where did the character come from? How did he become famous? Is he a brazen servant or a lively hero? A faithful lover or a free spirit and a dreamer? Maybe a bit of everything? In Pulcinella in favola, the puppet won’t be on his own, an actor will be playing with him and imitating him. And in the end he might even be taking over the puppet’s role in the show!

Typical Italian music will accompany the adventures of this dynamic, quick-witted Pulcinella created by Teatro San Carlino, a children's theatre company based in Rome. A charismatic and universal character, heir to Neapolitan theatrical and cultural traditions, he's sure to entertain the whole family.

Duration: 45 minutes.

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