Show "Trapu Zaharra: Turistreando" dins del "MAC Festival"

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sat 24 · 12:15
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Cypress area

Trapu Zaharra: Turistreando (Basque Country; Street theatre, humour; All ages)

If you could book an à la carte virtual trip, where would you go? The customer of "Viajes San Fernando, ni a pie ni andando", the agency that makes this feat possible, is very clear: she wants to do a cruise and, if possible, on board the Titanic. Easy, isn’t it? We won't reveal whether or not she manages to board the famous transatlantic liner, but we will tell you that during the voyage she will unleash her fantasies, and they will be very unconventional! Beyond the funny story, Turistreando focuses on technology, a tool that often helps us to escape reality. 

Trapu Zaharra has been performing street theatre for almost forty years, tragedy-comedy plays that poke fun at everyday situations and are a point of reference for social and political criticism. Despite being one of the most renowned companies in Spain in its speciality, its members still demand more public space for culture and the arts. And this fighting spirit is another of this witty Basque group's hallmarks.

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    Pg Santa Coloma, 60

    Sant Andreu

    Sant Andreu

    08030 Barcelona