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Pg Santa Coloma, 60
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Sat 25 · 20:00
Sun 26 · 20:00
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Boogie Tunes: Funktastic (Barcelona; dance; suitable for all ages). This is a popping crew, and also a group of friends - in fact almost a family - made up of six professional dancers and Iron Mike, who acts as the group trainer and leader. With the aim of giving popping the visibility it deserves, they’re creating a short/ medium format show that seeks to bring this style of urban dance to as wide an audience as possible. In the meantime, they continue to strive to improve, to grow, and to participate in as many international competitions as possible.

Nexart Percussion: Limitless (Catalonia; music/ dance; suitable for all ages). Dance and percussion are the languages used by this company to transmit a message of overcoming difficulties and perseverance and to the public. They create a show that seeks to find that point where the artists, the percussion instruments they play and their own bodies all come together. You’ll see how they use movement to mark the beat of the music and make the silences breathe.

In Put: in·put (Catalonia; music; suitable for all ages). Beatboxer David and singer Helena make up a musical duo accompanied by instruments such as the guitar, the ukulele and the looper. They present us with a repertoire of electro-acoustic versions of all sorts of different styles, such as pop, rock, Catalan pop, cumbia, and more.

Legacy: Show One (Barcelona; dance; suitable for all ages). An urban dance company based in Barcelona but with members from a range of countries brings us a dance duet performed by two dancers with very different styles, breaking and popping, to offer a very visual show full of technical skill and with a clear message: we all need to take a break from time to time to share our journey through life with those around us. And the thing is that for some, like these two performers, life is like a race where all that matters is to be the first one over the finishing line. Or perhaps not?

Cia Roots: En proceso... (Barcelona; dance; suitable for all ages). Ruth Prim, a professional contemporary urban dancer with more than twenty years of experience, is both director and creator of choreographies for a company that’s primarily dedicated to hip-hop, and that since 2012 has been working on productions that take their inspiration from the backgrounds of the artists themselves.

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    Pg Santa Coloma, 60

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    08030 Barcelona

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