Shows "Arrived" and "Nautilus", as part of the MAC Festival


Presenter: Mònica Monge
She sings, dances and boasts a talent that has already been experienced at La Mercè on more than one occasion. This year, she's back as a presenter for the MAC Festival’s activities at the Ciutadella Park. Come and say hello to her!

Adrián Schvarzstein and Jurate Sirvyte-Rukstele: "Arrived" (Barcelona/Lithuania)
The music coming out of the suitcases they carry and clothes they wear give them away: these two visitors come from the past. So, they may behave outlandishly, painting signs on the floor, tidying up everything that needs to be tidy, cleaning everything up. They see the present with the eyes of a not-so-distant past, and wherever they go they create absurd, surreal situations. An encounter with them could end up being quite the adventure!

Trygve Wakenshaw: "Nautilus" (New Zealand)
If you’ve ever heard of ‘physical comedy’ before, but didn’t know what they were referring to, grab a pen and take notes, because New Zealander Trygve Wakenshaw is a prime example. He studied clown techniques in Paris and must have been the best student in the class because no one can resist his humour, which combines physical theatre, mime and even a touch of eccentricity and daring madness. Strange, extravagant, hilarious... they applaud him everywhere for a reason!

From Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September
Day Time Price Comments
Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 4 pm - 5.45 and
6.15 pm - 8 pm

Free Admission

Prior booking required