Toc de Mercè (the dances of the Seguici Popular)

Although this year La Mercè might be a little different, one of the most symbolic and traditional festivities couldn’t be left out: the toc d’inici. This year, however, it will take the form of the new ‘toc de Mercè’, as it will be celebrated in a different place and at a different time. Now is when the entourage of the Seguici Popular dance to the sound of the music performed by Ministrils del Camí Ral. The group will only play once this year, to open La Mercè. Here, audiences will see the giant eagle, lion, mule, ox, wyvern dragon, tarasca, knights, the city’s giants, the Pi giants, the Santa Maria del Mar giants and the bighead figures perform. They will also attend the dances of the Seguici and the Falcons de Barcelona, in addition to the folk dances of Esbart Ciutat Comtal, Esbart Sant Martí, Esbart Maragall and Esbart Gaudí and the devils’ ball. Organised by the Federation of Traditional and Popular Culture Associations of Barcelona Vella and Casa dels Entremesos.

Thursday 24 September






at 12 noon

Free Admission

Prior booking required.