"Veig, veig molts capells"

Age 5 and over.

Spies, tricksters and jokers, vast landscapes... small people, moustaches and hats, lovesick, ladies and gentlemen... Ingenious word games, rhymes and couplets provide the keys to discovering hidden details behind each work and offer you a little activity to do as you leave the hall.

Inspired by all the characters you’ve seen during the visit and their hatted heads, you’ll have to cut, paste, staple, tear, fold and so on, to create your own hat.

You'll discover that with very little you can become great hat makers!

You can check the access conditions and special safety and prevention measures for Covid-19 on the website for the venue itself. Participation in most of the activities requires prior booking through their organiser’s webpage.

From Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27 September
Day Time Price
Wednesdays to Sundays 10 am - 8 pm

Free Admission