Videomapatge de la Mercè: "Brossa a Capell A" a càrrec de Dalumen Lab dins de "La festa de la llum i del foc"

The letter "A" is the protagonist of a great show that, to celebrate Any Brossa, revives the creative world of this visual poet. The assembly, directed by Mitos Colom and Javi Cadavieco, script by Colom and Nadal Tortella and illustrations by Diego Blanco and Adri Bonsai, is structured in three parts: Birth, Path and Destruction. While it sounds like music by Julie Reier, we can see how iconography of the blogger lives up and it relates to the facade of the City Hall in a series of images that tell us about the world of emotions until they reach the great moment final A surprising video clip that manages to turn around, even, to the same Joan Brossa.

Translated by google Videomapatge de la Mercè:

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