"Vozes & Raynald Colom: Sketches of Spain” concert, as part of "La Mercè és Música"


Vozes & Raynald Colom: Sketches of Spain (Barcelona; jazz)

Venezuelan cellist and conductor Pablo González Martínez founded a project in 2004 to ensure that children and teenagers can access the practice of music, providing them with both training and support, and the instruments they need. He works with more than 500 boys and girls, most of them from Barcelona. We’ve heard him as a soloist more than once at the festa major but this year, Vozes’ young performers will be combining their talent with one of the great names in Catalan jazz, the trumpeter Raynald Colom. He is a musician from Barcelona who has worked with the big names in jazz, pop and flamenco, and who has been awarded all kinds of prizes. With the drummer who accompanies him in this concert, Marc Ayza, and with a line-up of about 25 Vozes musicians on stage, Colom performs (this is the first time a soloist from here has done this) the album Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis, a demanding piece with long trumpet solos. The work has the original arrangements by pianist and arranger Gil Evans, to which a string section has been added for this performance. Before Sketches of Spain, which provides cover versions of music by Falla and Joaquín Rodrigo, among others, we will hear Colom offering us a first: two songs composed by himself in the form of a suite that are so recent that they still have no title. A concert to remember.

Thursday 24 September
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Thursday at 6 pm

Free Admission

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