"We are back!” circus cabaret dins del "MAC Festival"

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Fossat de Santa Eulàlia - Escenari 1

Master of ceremonies: José Carlos Campos (Canary Islands). Also an actor and director of theatrical shows, José Carlos Campos has made a name for himself as master of ceremonies in a wide range of very diverse cabarets. This was his role in the musical Cabaret at the Victoria Theatre in 2015, as well as at such prestigious venues as the Crazy Horse in Paris, the Whine Cabaret in Dusseldorf and the Lío in Ibiza, and will now be presenting the shows at the Castell del Circ. Welcome!

La Fem Fatal: EJE36 (Catalonia/Basque Country; trapeze). Toni Gutiérrez and Asvin López, who make up La Fem Fatal, speak to us in trapeze language about the concept of "axis", that is, of the need we have of sensing a balance, even if it's actually a utopian concept and a false perception of immobility comprising the past and the future... Trapeze and dance are the star attractions in a number for two artists with music by Pia Nielsen.

Duo Laos: Upside Down (Catalonia/Argentina; acrobatics). Mercedes Martín and Pablo Raffo, who’ve been working together since 2005, use acrobatics and collaboration to talk to us about human relationships. When you see them working you’ll be thinking of concepts such as skill and strength, flexibility and precision.

Nacho Ricci (Barcelona/Argentina; tight-rope walking; 4 years +). Born in Argentina, he grew up in Mexico and has lived a long time in Barcelona, where he performs on aerial rope. His performances, where you will see him using his strength and doing seven-metre-high somersaults, are pure circus-made poetry, inviting us to leave behind our fears and limitations. And that’s because he uses an impeccable technique and confronts danger with a smile on his face. Come along and discover a great artist. Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve seen him taking part in Messi10, one of the latest shows from the world-famous Cirque du Soleil.

Anastasia Karampournioti (Catalonia; cloudswing; all ages). Trained in Madrid, Moscow and Stockholm, this circus artist is a great specialist in the discipline known as cloudswing. Do you know that it involves? Well, it’s a rope suspended by two swivels balanced in parallel to the ground and which the artist uses for making shapes, in an exciting display of good aerial circus and feminine power and elegance.

Valeriia Davydenko: Way to dream (France, Ukraine; handstands with one hand; 12 years +). The Cirque de Demain World Festival still remembers this young artist who received a silver medal, at the tender age of 16, at the 2020 edition with an exciting one-handed handstand display, an extremely difficult technique, which she masters to perfection, creating captivating images.

Algo Arte Arte Algo teeterboard show (Andalusia; teeterboard). Vertical leaps and acrobatics in a teeterboard performance starring brothers Rafael and Paco Olmos. Rafael worked with the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas until 2019, but that experience was just another step along the way in a career in which he has focused on creating his own original projects. This is what he does with his brother Paco Olmos, together with whom he has formed Arte Algo, a contemporary circus company that joins a love of the circus with theatre, music and dance. Everyone’s invited to a festival of daredevil acrobatics, failures, successes and crazy games where the two artists explore the very limits of their capabilities - without ever losing their sense of humour.

Artistic file: Jordi Querol (Director), Pau Portabella (Assistent director), José Menchero (Stage design).

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