How to make a booking

Due to the special circumstances relating to the Covid-19 health emergency, attending this year’s La Mercè festivities in person will only be possible by making an online booking for individual activities.


  1. Bookings can be made from:

    • 14 September: BAM and ACCIÓ CULTURA VIVA.
    • 15 September: MÚSICA MERCÈ.
  2. You can book two places per person per day at the most.

    • A booking for two places at the most for music activities (Música Mercè, BAM festival and Acció Cultura Viva).
    • A booking for three places at the most for activities corresponding to Mercè Arts de Carrer or cultura popular.
  3. Reservations for most activities will be by venue and time band, meaning when you book you will be able to see options for more than one activity.

  4. Please arrive at venues early. Bookings give holders the right to access the venue, but do not guarantee a reserved seat.

  5. Bookings for concerts at the Fòrum Marine Platform and the Olympic Stadium are with reserved seats and for all the concerts on that day.  Any bookings not validated at the start of the second concert will be cancelled and may be reassigned.


  1. Check the description of the activity you wish to attend. The description will indicate whether the booking is for a single activity, or whether you are reserving a group of activities (indicated with this icon Activitat Agrupada). Grouped bookings include various activities at the same venue during a specific time band, which may be in the morning, the afternoon or the evening.

    • Grouped activities: When clicking to make the booking, the screen will indicate the various time bands offered for the chosen activity and give information on the rest of activities taking place during the same time band. Click on the time band you want, hit the “Book ticket” button and fill in the corresponding form.
    • Individual activity: If the activity does not appear as a grouped activity, your booking will only be valid for the chosen activity at the chosen time. In this case, click on the “Book ticket” button and fill in the corresponding form.
  2. Fields on the booking form must be completed in all cases. You will be asked for an email address, where you will receive a booking confirmation. The email address ensures traceability if the Covid-19 protocol is activated.

  3. The email confirmation you receive will serve as the admission ticket for you and the people attending with you. You need to keep the mail and either print the tickets or download them onto your mobile phone in digital format.

  4. Children over 2 years of age will need a booking.

  5. To access the venue, anybody under 18 who is not accompanied by their legal guardian should provide an authorisation from the latter and be accompanied by an adult.

  6. Remember that you can also make a booking via the app.

** We remind you that these instructions are not valid for bookings for concerts at the Fòrum Marine Platform and the Olympic Stadium which are with assigned seats, as explained in point 5 of the previous section.


Given the limits on capacity for activities at La Mercè and the restrictions on participation due to Covid-19, we kindly ask you to be responsible and make proper use of tickets. If you have made a booking and in the end you are unable to attend, please cancel your booking as follows:

  • From the email confirmation: From the part at the bottom of the email which says: “Do you wish to cancel any of your tickets?”. If you click here you can cancel one, two or three of the tickets you have booked.
  • If you have lost the email confirmation: Go to the website and click on the description for the activity you want to cancel the tickets for. At the top on the right, you will find the text “Manage your booking”. When you click here you will be asked for the email address you used for the booking and will receive another confirmation mail. From this new mail you can cancel your booking as described above.


If you lose your booking confirmation, you can access it again on the event page on the website or the mobile app. Click on the option ‘Retrieve tickets’.


If you have an incident of any kind and need to get in touch with us, you can send an email to