February 3 to 5

Llum BCN 2022

Relive the best moments of LlumBCN 2022

Llum BCN returns in 2022

With the caution required by the times we are living in, Llum BCN will shine again and stronger than ever in Barcelona’s Poblenou neighbourhood. One year on and the city has invited the most outstanding international creators to team up with our own best artists and turn Poblenou into an urban laboratory that will challenge our senses and mark future trends in the world of art, design, urban lighting and citizen participation.

Llum BCN is a magnet for attracting international talent and demonstrating that this year with the participation of top international artists, such as Trevor Paglen, Ulf Langheinrich and Tundra, to name but a few, who will be sharing experiences and ideas with our best national creators, such as Toni Arola, Antoni Miralda, Mariona Benedito and Jordi Canudas.  What’s more, as in previous years, students from Barcelona’s art, design and lighting schools will be taking part, having demonstrated their own high quality and proved themselves to be one of the distinctive features of our light festival.

Llum BCN 2022 offers us an opportunity to enjoy works that will leave no one unmoved. The most groundbreaking ones will stir your senses and the more poetic ones will seduce you but most of them, in one way or another, will get you reflecting on various issues, be they social, aesthetic, urban or even existential. Come along and get a feel of the transformational power of light.