Mentions and Expertise committee


Llum BCN has been taking considerable account, since its first editions, of the city’s schools of architecture and design, incubators of new talent in the art of light. For the first time, Yamaha has been the main sponsor for this year's edition, having made a commitment to the city’s young creators. A total of fifteen installations by students from a variety of creative specialities were on display.

The committee of experts of Llum Barcelona 2023, made up of Anna Adrià, Josep Bohigas, Eva Franch, Julien Pavillard and Marion Traversi, has decided to award special mentions to the following projects presented by the schools, universities and institutes that took part in this year's edition.


Tree Award: Re Connecting (ETSALS)

For the skilful execution of a project that reflects on the nature of the setting while at the same time creating a new nature and an interior space with its own ambiance.

Words Award: Conéctate [Get Connected] (LCI Barcelona)

The emphasis on the collaborative process is the most important element in constructing the identity and content of this proposal, which also strengthens the connection between users.

Context Award: A T N (ESDI, Ramon Llull University)

For the ease with which complex concepts are made visible, using a pre-existing structure.

Monumentality Award: Momentum (UPC Lighting Design)

For using mirrors to multiply two unique light sources and creating an immersive space of light and sound.

Atmosphere Award: Umbra (Elisava - Barcelona School of Design and Engineering)

For creating a dual experience - from afar and from within - and for the use of an intangible element to create a defined space within a larger space.

Memory Award: Mar de blaus [Sea of Blues] (Massana School)

For using audience interaction and the reflections created by the luminous object to create a space that no longer exists.

Community Award: Re-generació/Re-generation (IAAC)

For generating reflection through the active use of the installation by an audience of children; this brings a forward-looking view to a proposal with a strong environmental awareness.

Analogue Award: You Are the Light (UIC Barcelona School of Architecture)

For dispensing with direct electric light sources and encouraging play and interaction with the public in order to provoke a cinematographic effect.

City Award: Transient (BAU - Art and Design College)

For giving a voice to the city lights that guide us, with a direct relationship between light and sound.

“Under Construction” Award: Bastida de llum [Scaffolding Light] (ESDAP Catalunya - Deià)

For capturing the idea of a reality and an environment under constant construction using scaffolding, fabric and lights.

Manifesto Award: Soc cos [I Am Body] (ESDAP Catalunya - Llotja)

For making magic, with an installation that allows for 360° vision to decry the dictatorship of the image.

Neighbour Award: Fábrica de huellas [Factory of Imprints] (UPC School of Professional & Executive Development)

For creating an intimate space using everyday elements and ephemerally replicating the dividing wall of the building next door.

Trans-dimensional Award: Pràctica lumínica 7 [Light practice 7] (Faculty of Fine Arts – Brac UB Research Group)

For conceiving of the space as a large, moveable cinematographic camera, which turns the audience's bodies into projected images.

Spectacular Award: Mirrage - Mirrors & Passage (ETSAB - UPC)

For presenting a highly theatrical installation that uses light to alter the overall context and integrates visitors as characters.

Cosmic Award: Slow Light (IED Barcelona)

For presenting a delicate, very well rendered installation that forgoes the use of electricity, choosing rather to create the artistic action through an interaction between visitors and the light from their mobile phones.

Expertise committee

  • Anna Adrià

    Designer and producer of ephemeral spaces such as stage sets, exhibitions and other temporary installations. Coordinator of Mextrópoli installations in public spaces.

  • Josep Bohigas

    Architect. Director of the Barcelona Regional Agency and co-director of the master’s degree in Lighting Design at the FPC.

  • Eva Franch

    Architect, lecturer and international critic. She is the artistic director of the Model - Barcelona Architecture Festival.

  • Julien Pavillard

    Director of Events and Animation for the City of Lyon and the general coordinator of the Fête des Lumières since 2020

  • Marion Traversi

    Project manager of the Festival of Lights, in charge of programming and production