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Kiko Amat (1971) was born in Sant Boi de Llobregat. He has published the novels El día que me vaya no se lo diré a nadie [The day I leave I won’t tell anyone] (2003), Cosas que hacen BUM [Things that go BOOM] (2007), Rompepistas [Trackbreaker] (2009), Eres el mejor, Cienfuegos [You’re the best, Cienfuegos] (2012) and Antes del huracán [Before the hurricane] (2018) all in Anagrama. 

He is also the author of two non-fiction books, Mil violines [A thousand violins] (2011) and Chap chap (2015). He regularly contributes to the culture supplements “Babelia” in El País and “Cultura/S” in La Vanguardia, and to El Periódico de Catalunya, and since 2011 he has directed the Primera Persona festival at the CCCB [Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture].

Articles by Kiko Amat

Illustration © Sonia Alins

1. At the crack of dawn, when I go out on my motorbike, a long tailback forms at the exit to my town, between the Citroën garage and the motorway’s incline, but it...

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