Retrat de Tino Soriano

Photographer and writer

Barcelona, 1955. Photographer and writer, linked to National Geographic for the last quarter of a century, he has worked with national and international media outlets as a reporter. 

Among other acknowledgements, he has been awarded the prestigious World Press Photo Foundation’s award, and has earned recognition from the WHO, UNESCO and the Generalitat Government of Catalonia’s National Communication Award. Soriano published the best seller Ayúdame a mirar [Help Me See] (Anaya, 2019), among other books.

Articles by Tino Soriano

La Rambla. La tasca del fotògraf és suggerir, més que fer una descripció del que té al davant. A la Rambla de Barcelona hi passen mil històries cada segon. Les siluetes i les ombres a primera hora del matí conviden a pensar en la passió d’una trobada furt

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