Biblioteca secreta -.col·lecció de llibres
Three tales of the submerged city

Three books inaugurate the ‘Biblioteca Secreta’ series, three volumes that retrieve necessary characters from the most underground Barcelona. Pep Gómez writes on Pepe Otal, Joan Vinuesa...

Llibre: Els Barcelonins, Adrià Pujol Cruells
All-year-round Carnival

The book by Pujol Cruells is neither pleasing nor insulting. By means of the passing of the year, he draws an image of the people of Barcelona based on a meticulous observation of their...

Llibre: Taxi, Carlos Zanón
A taxi called excess

In literature, generally speaking, excess isn’t a good thing. Taxi shrieks, mutters, hums Velvet Underground, strings together quotations and metaphors, feels sorry for itself...

Llibre: Un regalo para Kushbu
Stories in pictures that cross borders

For some time now, non-fiction not only fills the pages of well-known writers like Capote, Mailer, Carrère or Caparrós, but also the illustrated pages of graphic novels, which have...

Llibre: Periodisme malgrat tot, Jaume Fabre
Grey journalism

Fabre is one the journalists who best knows his city. He wrote a splendid doctoral thesis on 1939 Barcelona and played a decisive role in safeguarding the memory of his guild. His new...

Llibre: Nazis a Barcelona. L’esplendor feixista de postguerra (1939-1945)
Catalonia, soiled

No book had previously managed to describe the extent to which the support for fascism manifested itself visually, both officially and in the popular arena. Nazis a Barcelona ...

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