Llibre: Gràfica anarquista
The revolution of the ‘nameless’

The images compiled in the book illustrate an imaginary of resistance to war and fascism. The photographs of the proletarian archive are an antidote to the...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapYoung people doing politics differently

It has often been said that young people are not interested in politics. There is evidence that points to the contrary and that shows that interest in politics is not...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapThe generational shadow makes its presence felt

Forty years since the transition to democracy, the generational makeup of our society is changing. The children of that era already comprise half of the population...

Il·lustració © Joan Alturo
The generational gapWhen stability seems utopian

In recent decades, job insecurity has taken root in society and affects younger generations in particular. The delay in gaining access to decent employment postpones...

Llibre: Barcelona pròxima, Andreu Ulied
“Retro-progressivism” and in praise of technocracy

Barcelona pròxima, besides bestowing high praise on technocracy, is an urban planning manual, an intellectual biography, a compendium of urban history, a...

Il·lustració © Sonia Alins
New vulnerabilitiesThe myth of the entrepreneur and the value of the invisible

In recent years we have witnessed the glorification of the figure of the entrepreneur. Job offers require skills that are not always essential. Society needs...

Illustration © Eva Vázquez. A person looks at a painting of a ledger. The painting shows descending lines that emerge from the ledger and pierce through the ground.
Lessons from the crisisOpen wounds

There are more poor people today, and they have even less than before the crisis. Organised citizenship has tackled this situation with social innovation and...

Retrat de Fina Birulés © Camilla de Maffei
Knitting spaces of feminist thought

Fina Birulés

Distilling thought involves the strenuous task of condensing sense and syntactic skill. Those who know Fina Birulés know of her tenacious precision in thought and...

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