Campaign to boost passive safety in driving

The City Police are conducting a new round-the-clock citywide operation from today until Sunday, 10 September, to reduce the number of road accident victims and the severity of injuries sustained.

04/09/2023 - 14:05 h - Security and prevention Ajuntament de Barcelona

The campaign will focus on the incorrect use or failure to use passive safety elements such as seatbelts and helmets on the part of drivers, riders and passengers alike, as well as child-retention systems. In the case of the latter, checks will be made to ensure that children measuring up to a height of 135 centimetres use a certified system which complies with current regulations.

In terms of infringements, the following cases will be reported:

  • Failure to correctly use seatbelts (having checked first that these are in working order).
  • With helmets, vehicles will be immobilised if riders are not using them. These checks also apply to quads. Riders should remember that the responsible use of helmets by passengers is always the responsibility of the person driving or riding the vehicle.

Finally, the police will also be denouncing infringements relating to driver and vehicle documentation, such as driving licences, MOT certificates and valid insurance.