Barcelona is once again taking part in European Mobility Week with a programme of activities organised by the City Council in collaboration with different organisations and associations. The goal is to improve air quality, regain public space and promote safe mobility in the city.

European Mobility Week 2021 is on from 16 to 22 September, with the slogan ‘Move Sustainably. Stay Healthy’, and a theme of ‘Sustainable Mobility: Promoting Safety and Good Health’ with the aim of making a positive impact on: mental health, physical health, safety and the response to Covid-19.

Barcelona is taking part in the week-long event with a series of activities for everyone, young and old. Friday 17 September will be Park(ing)Day, with a programme of fifty activities, and Car-Free Day is back this year on Wednesday 22 September with a wide range of activities taking place all around the city.

By joining in with the event, Barcelona seeks to:

• Make people aware of the benefits of a friendly city positively impacted by traffic calming initiatives, and of the other uses to which spaces that are usually the domain of private motor vehicles can be put.

• Raise awareness of the need to reduce the use of private motor vehicles in order to reduce levels of pollution in the city.

• Promote the most sustainable means of getting about (on foot, by bike and using public transport).

Every year, European Mobility Week brings together all the activities organised by different organisations and institutions relating to sustainable mobility: talks, presentations, promotional activities, workshops and more. This year’s programme will need to adapt in line with the necessary measures for preventing the spread of Covid-19.

At a European level, this year marks two decades of campaigns which continue to provide support for local initiatives working to make cities safer, greener, more inclusive and more accessible. Over the years, besides municipalities, many administrations, NGOs and businesses have got involved and helped us on the path towards increasingly sustainable mobility.

For Barcelona, 2021 is a year shaped by the slow process of emerging from the pandemic, and by the approval of the Urban Mobility Plan 2024 (PMU), aimed at shaping strategic mobility policies in the city over the next few years, and the safe and sustainable forms of mobility promoted by European Mobility Week are an essential part of this.

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Car-Free Day 2021

As is the case every year, Car-Free Day (DSC) is being held on 22 September, and will round off the week by sending out the message that:

• Sustainable means of travel are the basis for future mobility within the city.

• In a densely populated city such as Barcelona, it is essential to promote compliance with the regulations for the various forms of transport, to foster the harmonious use of public space and to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

• Protecting the most vulnerable groups is essential, as is a change of habits among those who use public roads, in order to construct a new mobility model.

For this reason, a range of organisations and institutions in the city are holding a host of street activities on Wednesday 22 September, when the circulation of vehicles will make way for workshops aimed at people of all ages, exhibitions, children’s bike circuits, line dancing, competitions, zumba masterclasses, body combat sessions, talks and other activities.


Since 2014, Park(ing) Day Barcelona has been an annual event coordinated by the Espai Ambiental Cooperativa and ISGLOBAL, with the support of Barcelona City Council.


It’s a day for performances, for raising awareness and for standing up for a cause, where various entities, groups and members of the public temporarily transform public parking spaces into parks, gardens and more, reclaiming these spaces and calling for a city model centred on people and the environment. The event is held in various cities all around the world.

Park(ing) Day is being held on Friday 17 September this year, with a programme of more than fifty activities all around the city.


European Mobility Week and Car-Free Day Activities

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