City Police launch a new road safety campaign for motorcyclists

19/07/2021 - 12:55

Safety and prevention. The operation will run around the clock from today until Sunday 25 July.

The last road safety campaign geared towards motorcycles and mopeds was conducted from 17 to 23 May, resulting in 568 formal denouncements.

Motorcyclists are the group most at risk of having an accident on Barcelona’s roads and are four times more likely to have one than car drivers.

The overall goal of the campaign promoted by the Catalan Traffic Service and activated today is to reduce accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles, and to cut the number of injuries caused to passengers.

The campaign will focus on two aspects: checking and correcting infringements by riders, and, paying attention to infringements from all other drivers which could cause two-wheeled vehicles to have accidents.

Special emphasis will be placed on the use of helmets by riders and passengers alike, as well as rider documentation. There will also be penalties for any conduct relating to different types of distractions, such as inappropriate turns, not respecting traffic lights or any other sort of openly reckless road use.

All city police patrols on duty in city streets, whether directly assigned to the campaign or not, will be paying particular attention to infringements relating to the campaign goals.