More safety and hygiene on the Barcelona public transport network

24/07/2020 - 13:24

Mobility and transport. The authorities and public transport operators have been coordinating with one another to maintain vehicle and facility hygiene and safety since the start of the health emergency.

The cleaning protocols for facilities and vehicles have been matched with those for work places, to ensure the health of public transport operator workers. At the same time, collaboration continues to be insistently required from all passengers, in accordance with regulations, such as the mandatory wearing of masks.

The authorities and the public transport operators have been coordinating together since the start of the Covid-19 health emergency, to implement the procedures for boosting the cleaning and disinfection of vehicles and facilities and thereby guarantee safe travel for passengers and their health.

In addition to increasing the frequency, scope and time that are dedicated to cleaning operations, new procedures have also be implemented such as virucidal disinfectant sprays, and special care is being taken with certain aspects, such as the maintenance of air filters in buses.

Floors, window frames, seats, hand-grips, rails, doorknobs, buttons, ticket-validating machines, handrails, counters, lifts and other points of contact are subject to the revised cleaning procedures.

Steps were then taken for obtaining certification for the cleaning protocols by accredited independent bodies to verify that the systems used are appropriate and rigorously complied with. All cleaning and supervisory tasks have the associated risk prevention and necessary training for their workers.

Shared responsibility with users

Perceptions of safety held by passengers on public transport, however, beyond the guaranteed given by the companies providing the transport service, also depend on the appropriate civic behaviour of users regarding such actions as wearing a properly placed mask or maintaining interpersonal safety distancing, whenever possible, and the regulations within transport as well as in stations and corridors

Hence the continued requirement and insistence,through the transport system’s various communication features, on collaboration from all passengers in wearing appropriately placed masks and thereby ensuring the travel option operates as a completely normal service people can use with full confidence.

The ATM reminds you that wearing a mask is mandatory on the public transport network. You can consult the general safety recommendations on the ATM website.