New cleaning teams to disinfect waste containers

01/04/2020 - 15:30

COVID-19. Eight teams start disinfection tasks in Horta-Guinardó, Nou Barris and Sant Andreu.

Eight cleaning teams are being deployed to disinfect waste containers in the city. The specialist units will be using a sodium hypochlorite solution, applied with high-pressure nebulising equipment, in line with recommendations from the authorities.

The measure is initially being applied in the districts of Horta-Guinardo, Sant Andreu and Nou Barris, before moving onto other city neighbourhoods in the coming days, particularly in areas most used by citizens.

The measure comes in addition to other action under way since the start of the state of emergency to guarantee cleaning and maintenance services in the city. These consist of special operations to boost cleaning and disinfection in sensitive places, such as areas around hospitals, medical centres, markets, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Recommendations to help with waste collection

The following recommendations are to help municipal cleaning professionals in their work:

  • No leaving old furniture or large items of junk in the street. Furniture collection services, permanent and mobile green point recycling facilities are all unavailable during the state of emergency.
  • No leaving rubbish in standard litter bins in the street.
  • Put rubbish inside containers and put recyclable waste into the right containers.
  • Cut waste generation as much as possible. Responsible consumption and careful weekly meal planning can help.

Advice for dealing with waste in households with people with Covid-19

People living with others who have Covid-19 are advised to follow these waste disposal guidelines:

  • A specific waste bin must be used in the room where the Covid-19 patient is in isolation, preferably a pedal bin with a lid.
  • This bin should be used for the disposal of single-use materials (masks, gloves, tissues), whether used by the patient or the carer. Any waste generated by the affected person must also be disposed of there.
  • Sealable bin bags must be used. These must be sealed before being removed from the room where the person is isolating.
  • Once closed, the bag must be placed inside another bag and placed in the container with the rest. Separating this waste for selective disposal is prohibited.

Can old furniture be left in the street?

No. Weekly furniture collections are suspended while the state of emergency lasts.

Can specific waste be taken to green points?

No. Permanent and mobile green points are closed during the confinement period.

Can people walk their dogs in disinfected areas?

Walking animals in recently disinfected areas is not recommended. They should particularly be avoided if the ground is wet, and dogs should be prevented from licking disinfected surfaces.

Are selective waste services still operating?

Yes. Selective waste collection continues and people are strongly encouraged to do more of it. It is only prohibited for waste generated by people with Covid-19.