Public transport notches up 328 million journeys in the first half of 2021  

08/09/2021 - 13:19

Mobility and transport. Demand stands at around 60% of pre-pandemic levels and a forecast of 714 million journeys for 2021, some 67% of the demand recorded in 2019.

The gradual return to normality means demand has steadily grown across the board. Public transport continues to become consolidated as a key alternative in sustainability and efficiency, with a forecast of 714 million journeys for 2021, some 67% of the demand recorded in 2019.

Public transport in the Barcelona area recorded a demand of 328,045 million journeys in the first half of 2021, representing a reduction of 213,742 journeys compared t the same period in 2019 (-39.5%).

After a record number of users was recorded for public transport in 2019, with 1,057 million journeys, 2020 saw all forms of public transport nosedive, with an overall drop of 50% in demand due to the pandemic, leading to an annual total of 565 million journeys.

Throughout this time, the public transport system has gone to great lengths to keep the range of services offered at a maximum, adapting to the preventive measures and restrictions decreed.

The evolution has been positive, as demand has continued to grow steadily in the last 6 months, with an overall increase of 16.7% compared to 2020. Yet these figures are still a long way off the usual figures from before the pandemic. Notably, the most significant recovery has been by the bus service, reaching some 70% of demand.

Demand for public transport has recovered evenly across the board in the last few months. Following this trend, June was the month with the most journeys made, notching up over 62 million in all.

Most used tickets

Regarding the use of public transport tickets, multi-journey tickets are still the most used, accounting for 31% of journeys.

The number of travel passes remains unchanged, with the all types of transport ticket suffering a notable drop in use except for these. Notably, journey validations with T-usual tickets have increased by 23.43% compared to 2019. It is worth remembering that the pricing policy implemented in January 2020 favours regular users, with better prices for these types of tickets.

Following this evolution, calculations suggest that public transport could close out the year with 714 million journeys, representing 67% of the demand compared to pre-pandemic data.

Further information: ATM website.