Summer schedules for public transport services in the Barcelona Area

31/07/2020 - 14:23

Mobility and transport. Disruptions to the metro and Rodalies local-train services, changes to weekend and August timetables, in order to adapt to the summertime reduction in mobility demands.

This summer, Barcelona's rail transport will be carrying out improvement work at various points, leading to some disruptions in services. Public transport services to the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport have been resumed and the timetables of most operators have been modified.

Airport Service

Since Friday 24 July, coinciding with the resumption of Terminal T2 services, all normal public transport services to Josep Tarradellas Barcelona – El Prat airport have been available.

You can consult the various public transport lines reaching the airport terminals.

Reduced public transport services on Friday and Saturday nights

Also since Friday 24 July, and in accordance with the health regulations for dealing with Covid-19 spikes in the Metropolitan Area, the metro, FGC train and TRAM services will end at midnight every Friday and Saturday, as well as every evening prior to a public holiday.

Furthermore, the network of night buses will offer 50% of normal services at the weekend, both for the Metropolitan NITBUS service, run by AMB, and the intercity network, run by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

These limited evening services on Fridays, Saturdays and the eves of public holidays are expected to be maintained throughout August and until the re-establishment of night-time leisure activities justifies a change.

Disruptions to the rail network due to improvement work

As happens every year, the holiday period is being used to carry out various maintenance and improvement operations, while offering alternative services on other lines:

TMB Metro

Improvement work on lines L1 and L4:

– L1: alternative service between Hospital de Bellvitge and Santa Eulàlia
– L4: alternative service between La Pau and Selva de Mar

Rodalies de Catalunya train lines
R1, R2 and R4: major disruptions due to work that Adif is carrying out at various points on the network

Summer timetables for the various public transport services

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) trains:

A reduced number of operational platforms at Plaça Catalunya station, due to improvement work, with no alterations to services expected.

The network is offering a reduced timetable in August, in accordance with summertime demand on its lines.

TMB buses:

From 27 July to 10 September, the timetables of some bus lines will be modified in order to adapt to the summer period.


On weekdays from 1 to 31 August, including both of those days, the T1, T2 and T3 TRAM lines will operate on a non-weekday service timetable.

These timetables are available on the website’s timetable search engine.

Modified timetables for AMB buses

Summer timetable for Rodalies de Catalunya trains